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This book is available from Amazon in a Kindle edition for $2.99.





The people at Shady Grove accepted life as it was. They didn’t know a miracle was possible until Mike Paulson played them one.

Shady Grove is home to the flawed people who make up the only life Mabel Palova has. Amberson Pritchard, once a basketball star, is now eating his way toward an early grave, carefully hiding his feelings from the woman he loves. Evangeline Hatfield, who was the beautiful mistress of a rich man, now spends her life in a wheelchair, bitterly hating the world and herself most of all. Ba and King Herold are two halves of a whole, but suffered devastating losses finding each other. The scar on Mabel’s face and the scar on Mabel’s soul tell what destroyed the life she once had.


When Mike Paulson appears, speaking only with his smile and his talented hands, he brings Mabel’s old harp to life. One sweep of his fingers across the strings is the beginning of a marvelous change for Shady Grove and its occupants.


Lela Marie De La Garza has had work published in “Creepy Gnome,” “Passion Beyond Words”, “Black Denim.” "The Western Online," "Bewildering Stories," and "Black Denim Lit." She was born in Denver, CO. in 1943 while her father was serving in WWII. She currently resides in San Antonio, TX. with three  cats and a visiting raccoon.


Lela is currently working on "Colour My World," the story of Serena and Sean and their fantasy adventures in worlds of different colours. She is also writing "Bus Trip," about a group of high-spirited teenagers and the unfortunate driver in charge of them.







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